Interest and alacrity can be uncovered from even the most prosaic. Things all around are transformed into a realization as they are carefully deconstructed and then recaptured through the transformative process of layering shape, color, movement, and expression. The resulting work is aesthetically pleasing abstract built from a traditional foundation. 

Artist Bio

Harrisburg native and local, self-taught artist Jessie Waite specializes in abstract acrylic on canvas. In recent years she has studied under accomplished painter and print maker Claudia Mengel. Jessie pulls her inspiration from the things she experiences in everyday life, from caring for her family to working in the community, from her involvement in her local church to the breathtaking views of the Susquehanna River, its bridges and the Harrisburg city scape. With years of experience as a painter, Jessie has developed a keen eye for pulling a sudden depth and distinction out of all that she sees.